Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape at the Cinema Museum in Kennington

The idea that life is best understood through the world of cartoons is the key theme of Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape.

The film explores the laws of motion that are so often bent in cartoon escapades and how modern society is nearing these levels of chaos at the Cinema Museum in Kennington.

The film’s creator, Andy Holden, said: “The idea is that we can use the 10 Laws of Cartoon physics to understand the world we now live in, and that through examining how these are used in cartoons we might understand a bit more about the present moment”

“It’s the right time to be showing these works, as the central idea that the world is now a cartoon, or best understood as such, and that cartoons predicted the world we now live in seems as timely as ever given the actions of Donald Trump, who acts like a cartoon character, and the absurdity of the politics around Brexit, the feeling that anything can happen as we head towards a cliff edge.

“I learnt to draw through copying cartoon characters and as a child I wanted to be a cartoonist. I think cartoons are such a part of the collective imagination at the present moment, from memes to Bitmoji, that it made sense to use them as a subject matter.

“I decided to make myself into a cartoon character to narrate the film, and I put the cartoon version of myself into empty backgrounds from old cartoons, and combined these with ideas about physics and politics to make what is part lecture on cartoons and part cartoon lecture.”

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