Landlords trying to evict Dulwich Hamlet Football Club immediately

One of non-league football’s fastest growing clubs has been told to leave its ground.

Dulwich Hamlet FC were last night, Monday, served notice that their license to play at Champion Hill would be terminated immediately – the night before a crucial away game at leaders Billericay.

The club has said it is consulting with solicitors on the matter, as it feels landlords Meadow Residential, do not have legal grounds to serve such a notice.

This comes on top on the £121,000 ‘back rent’ bill the club was served last week.

Meadow have not been in touch with the club directly, and have only communicated through their solicitors.

A statement on the Bostik League Premier Division club’s website said: “We urge Andrew McDaniel and Peter Bennison to try and act with some level of courtesy moving forward, as this tact will get them nowhere.

“We will release another statement ASAP, and Urge all fans to back the team at the next two away games. Tonight at Billericay, and Saturday at Brightlingsea.”

A spokesman for Meadow Residential said: “It is with regret that Meadow has invoked a clause in the licence that withdraws permission for Dulwich Hamlet Football Club (DHFC) to continue to play on the Champion Hill site.

“This follows repeated breaches of the licence by the club, together with unwarranted personal attacks on the company, which has funded the club for a number of years and without which the club would not have survived as long as it has.

“Despite the best efforts of Meadow to initiate a dialogue with Southwark council, it has become clear that neither the council leadership nor DHFC are able to work collaboratively to bring forward much need new housing and a new stadium on the site.”

One thought on “Landlords trying to evict Dulwich Hamlet Football Club immediately

  • 6th March 2018 at 10:34 pm

    British red tape shooting its self in the foot again
    Such a site to develope, plus the young up
    and developing young British football talent is being affected by red tape. Plus rent monies £121,000.
    Why can’t somebody with the funds buy this club?
    Who also knows how to make it self sufficient. Plus
    Develop the site to provide homes , jobs & a rock
    solid future for the club , community ,youth
    players & community . Where has common sense gone ? Who ever is responsible for this mess?
    How do you sleep at night ?
    Jobs and people’s lively hoods are at steak here!!!!


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