Kings Avenue Primary School: Failing school has learnt its lesson

Kings Avenue Primary School, a recently failing school is on the up.

A recent Ofsted monitoring visit said: “The newly appointed headteacher Miss Rachel Mollett has made improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment her main priority.

“There has been a renewed focus on staff’s professional development, including through team teaching and personalised support for teachers.

This is making a substantial difference to the quality of teaching and
staff morale.

“The school in Clapham have worked very hard to improve teaching and learning, leadership and behaviour and all their hard work has paid off.

The Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education inspector said: “Teachers are positive role models.

The school is a calm and orderly place.

Pupils who I spoke to during the inspection told me that behaviour has improved considerably compared to last year.

During the inspection, teachers demonstrated typically high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and attitudes.

As a result, pupils work diligently and movement across the school is smooth.”

He also observed: “The quality of teaching has improved considerably since the previous inspection.

As a result, pupils’ progress and attainment have risen across the school, particularly for disadvantaged pupils.

“The headteacher is very grateful for the support the whole school community has shown her.

Parents, staff and children have engaged fully with all the changes she has introduced and she is looking forward to working with them next year to further improve the school.

“Parents and carers speak positively about the changes since the arrival of the new headteacher and deputy.

They value leaders’ open door policy and staff’s positive interactions
with them.”


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