Karl Robinson: Club to provide update on Charlton takeover early next week

Karl Robinson hopes that the club will provide an update on the takeover process early next week.

The update is not expected to be confirmation of a deal being completed.

But Robinson said that director Richard Murray will bring supporters up to speed in the next few days.

“We’re going to make an announcement next week in terms of what’s been going on, and make it a little bit more official,” explained the Charlton boss after his side’s 1-0 win at Bury.

“Richard spoke to (communications manager) Tom Rubashow today about maybe having a conversation.

“With the Ricky (Holmes) scenario, a fan asked me if this was the beginning of the end. It’s almost like that one where people are frustrated but maybe they see some light. Lightning strikes twice in some ways. This football club going forward has to be stronger. We have to be more united. We have to be one. You saw today the players the fans staying, the players put a shift in. the staff. I’m really excited if we can bring the players in but I’m seeing three strikers gone that I had on my list.

Robinson also wanted to publically thank Murray for his assistance since CEO Katrien Meire resigned to take up a similar role at Championship strugglers Sheffield Wednesday.

“Richard Murray – what a man,” he said.

“He’s been unbelievable for me. I want to thank him publically.  He’s been there, he’s guided me, he’s supported me and Bow (Lee Bowyer) and Jacko (Johnnie Jackson). He’s been on the phone to (head scout) Steve Gallen and me every night. Everyone knows he’s been coming and going with different things in his life and he’s still putting his life on hold for this football club. Whatever the differences or frustrations or whatever people think, there’s a man who really wants this football club to do well. I cant thank him enough for what he’s done over these last few weeks.”

2 thoughts on “Karl Robinson: Club to provide update on Charlton takeover early next week

  • 13th January 2018 at 7:53 pm

    To keep it short and sweet, I have 100% respect and admiration for Karl Robinson. To have to motivate the players to stay together after what has happened this week, is the true hallmark of a great manager. Yes, he is human and makes mistakes, but he has been amazing this week. As for the owner, I have 100% dislike and animosity for the man and I am trying desperately to keep my feelings under control. He cannot even leave this club by gaining some respect by at least allowing a player/cash swap for Holmes in the form of Carruthers, which would at least replace a player, if nothing else. But oh no, not him, he just cannot help himself. I loathe the man.

  • 13th January 2018 at 11:19 pm

    The club will be a better place when Murray clears off there has been nothing but doom since he come on the scene


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