Julian Clary: Born to Mince tour

Julian Clary has announced he is to return to stages across the UK for a brand new 2019 tour, entitled Born To Mince.

Julian Clary

In this outrageously camp new show, renowned homosexual Clary will bare his soul as never before in the interests of light entertainment.

On the announcement of the tour, Julian said: “Are you ready for some filth? I know I am.

It’s been a while since I sallied forth to pleasure the provinces with my particular brand of saucy innuendo. Let me at them.”

He’ll murder some well-known songs along the way, no doubt, read you a sneak preview from his next memoir A Night At the Lubricant and make withering remarks about punters foolish enough to sit in the front row.

Following his role as Spirit of the Bells in the London Palladium’s Olivier award-winning Dick Whittington 2017 Christmas pantomime, and with his upcoming role in the venue’s 2018 production of Snow White, the new tour in 2019 will see Clary cross the country with an appearance at Churchill Theatre, Bromley on Sunday, March 17 and a final performance at the Palladium on Saturday, June 8.

Don’t miss out. This might well be the final mince.

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