‘It wouldn’t be Christmas for us without London’s Air Ambulance’

In September last year, Robert was driving home from work when his motorbike hit a lorry.

The impact threw him into the air.  He lost a kidney, smashed his ribs, damaged his liver and bowel, and punctured his lungs.  He was unlikely to survive.  Waiting at home were his girlfriend Jemma, his daughter Elsie and baby son Joshua, who were about to face a future without their partner and their daddy. Then London’s Air Ambulance were called.

The advanced trauma team of two doctors and a paramedic arrived on scene by rapid response car within 6 minutes.  They treated Robert at the roadside, where he lay.  Thanks to their interventions he was able to be transported to hospital to receive further expert care.  He was in a coma for two weeks.  Jemma stayed by his side the whole time.  Knowing his family were willing him on, he found the inner strength to recover.  He is now back at work and planning his wedding to Jemma next year.

Without the generous donations of people in London, London’s Air Ambulance wouldn’t have been able to attend Robert that day.  Many people don’t realise it is a charity that only operates because of donations.  It needs £10million each year so that it can continue to do its life-saving work.

Robert, Jemma, Elsie and Joshua can look forward to their future together thanks to London’s Air Ambulance’s expert care.  For them, it wouldn’t be Christmas without London’s Air Ambulance.

To donate to London’s Air Ambulance Christmas campaign visit londonsairambulance.co.uk/christmas or to donate £5 text SAVE to 70800


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