“I walk quicker around Bluewater!” – Millwall winger Jed Wallace’s reaction to Charlton striker Lyle Taylor’s penalty kicks


Jed Wallace has made it clear that he will keep a simple approach to taking penalties.

The Millwall winger scored from the spot in the 1-1 draw with Hull City before the international break.

But Wallace will not be switching to the languid style of Charlton Lyle Taylor, whose walk up could best be described as a slow stroll.

“I remember watching it [Taylor’s penalty against Reading] and thinking I had my Sky remote on rewind times two,” said the Lions attacker. “I walk faster around Bluewater when I go shopping!

“Fair play to him – it looks amazing if it comes off. When it doesn’t it probably won’t look so good.

“I’ve got to hold my hands up to Lyle and say I think it’s brilliant. I’d like to see him take it a step further and put a cigar in his mouth while he’s doing it!

“Everyone has their different styles. [Paul] Pogba does one with his different steps. I’m very much of the opinion that a lot of better players than me have missed them. It’s the old cliche but the main thing is looking to hit the target.

“I practise a few different things after training every day with the whole group and on Friday afternoon I will take a few penalties.

“I’ve taken a few in my career and it is about mixing it up so you are not too predictable for opposition goalkeepers.

“I’m just glad it went in [against Hull City].”

Shaun Williams has been one of the main designated takers for Millwall in recent seasons.

“We are an honest group so I don’t think you are going to see an argument on the pitch about who is taking a penalty,” said Wallace.

“A few of the boys would take them. Willo has had an unbelievable record in his career but has missed the last couple. It’s not a proud dressing room – it’s a team environment. Willo is the first to say: ‘Why don’t you take it and mix it up a little bit?’

“On another day if Bradders [Tom Bradshaw] has got two goals and is on a hat-trick – we’re winning 2-0 – then, who knows, he might take it.

“We should be getting more penalties than we have been awarded – people are manhandling Coops [Jake Cooper] and big Smudge [Matt Smith] from set plays.

“I need to practise about 500 a day to get as good as Harry Kane.”

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