Hospital appeal for new therapy kit

St George’s Hospital Charity has launched its Therapy Appeal to provide important equipment and facilities for medical staff and patients.

From speech and language, physical rehabilitation, trips and falls prevention, occupational therapy, stroke therapy, neurosurgery therapies, massage therapy and more, the appeal aims to fund therapy services to benefit patients at St George’s and Queen Mary’s hospitals.

The charity’s appeal focuses on anything that is ‘over and above’ normal provision – things such as recuperation aids, specialised innovative software to support communication and monitoring electronics, and one-to-one bedside music for a long-stay patient.

The appeal is being backed by Grace Havard, who sustained life-threatening injuries in a road traffic accident in April 2014.

She suffered 28 broken bones, a punctured lung, a split liver, her spleen was bleeding and kidneys failing.

She said: “My experience of being in a road accident and having my life saved by the amazing surgeons at St George’s Hospital tells only part of the story.

When I had my operations the therapy and rehabilitation teams at St George’s and Queen Mary’s spent months helping me rediscover my ability to walk and build a life again.”

To donate to the Therapy Appeal, visit or text THER70 £10 to 70070.

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