Hindu festival celebrates with music, dance and poetry

The Celebration of Joy and Happiness (Saraswati Puja) through presentation of different art forms is returning to Wimbledon for second year at Merton Arts Space in Wimbledon Library on tomorrow, Saturday.

Saudha, (www.saudha.org), a critically acclaimed Indian classical music promoter in UK is hosting the event as part of the celebration of the auspicious moments of worship for the Hindu mythical goddess of arts, music and knowledge Devi Saraswati. The event promises to offer captivating sessions of serene music, haunting world poetry, colourful dance by a selection of prominent performers of this country.

Curated by one of the top-most Indian classical singer in Europe Chandra Chakraborty, this free festival will kick from 4.30pm and finish at 10pm with free dinner for audiences.

Ahmed Kaysher, the director of Saudha said: “We had a huge attendance last year from every cultural community of Merton and neighbouring Boroughs.
“This festival is set to promote both earthly and spiritual joy through music, dance, poetry and other profound art forms as part of worshipping Devi Saraswati. Apart from the devotional side of the event, this helps us introduce the ordinary audiences with the experimental post-modern presentations of art and music we work on.
“Wonderful music by few prominent artists will include Sunil Jadhav, Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, Alice Barron, Saleel Tambe; group performance by Anadadhara arts, Jazz group Iyatra Quartret, students of Srimati Chandra Chakraborty, colourful presentation of dance and poetry, then in addition, delicious Indian foods, all come together – and what else do you need to make one of your happiest evenings?”

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