Herne Hill resident fed-up with plastic packaging creates plastic free food business

One resident was so fed up with buying food with plastic packaging she turned her garage into a plastic-free food business.

Phili Denning set up Naked Larder and in the first nine months, the business has eliminated plastic waste equivalent to that normally found in 50,000 packets of food and 2,500 plastic bottles.

The Herne Hill resident said: “Plastic pollution and packaging waste are hugely problematic issues for our generation, and grocery shopping plays a major role in this.

I believe that reducing the use of packaging is key.

Recycling is not the answer.” Ms Denning’s solution was to turn her garage into a business. Overheads are minimal and prices are competitive with supermarket own brands.

The business buys dry goods, eg. grains, nuts, cereals, sugar and eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk to minimise packaging and reduce cost.

Customers then order online, and collect their orders, from the garage at an agreed date using their own reusable containers.

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