Greenwich and Lewisham Town hall chiefs try to work out continuing funding for London’s biggest free fireworks display

Town hall chiefs from Greenwich and Lewisham will try to work out how they can continue funding London’s biggest free fireworks display.

This announcement comes after it was revealed that Lewisham paid £40,000 for the display this year, while Greenwich paid £15,000.

Up to 100,000 revellers turned out to watch the fireworks on Blackheath on Saturday.

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, said: “In years past, the two councils fully shared the costs of this important event.

“It seems that now Lewisham council have even given up asking Greenwich council to share the full costs.

“Lewisham residents should be demanding that their council finally stands up to its neighbouring borough.”

Greenwich withdrew their funding in 2010, before becoming a sponsor again in 2015.

A joint statement from Greenwich and Lewisham said: “Lewisham council is looking at all avenues to provide more funding and welcomes the fact that the Royal Borough of Greenwich is committed to sit down and discuss the future of the event.”

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