Goldsmiths University serves up everything but beef and earns spot on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s list


Students are all veggies but wouldn’t know one end of a cooker from another. So the stereotype goes, anyway.

So one campus is doing a little extra to ‘plant’ the idea of socially conscious living into their students, in the form of vegan food.

Goldsmiths University in New Cross has earned a spot on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s list of 20 vegan-friendly Universities in the UK, which praises academic institutions for promoting eco-friendly dietary options.

They’ve banned beef from their menus and are offering more vegan-friendly meals, and in turn, are paving the way for other universities across the UK to slowly weed their students off meat-based options.

The college’s executive chef Andrew Walker said: “We’re responding to what students and staff have asked for with this new selection of good quality, healthy and affordable dishes.

“Food can play such an important part in helping build communities – sharing a meal is an incredibly important part of the day and the new offering gives people the chance to sit down and enjoy wholesome food together.”

PETA director Elisa Allen said: “Students in the UK are going vegan in huge numbers, and it’s great to see universities joining the revolution.

“PETA’s motto is ‘animals are not ours to eat’, and say by choosing a plant-based diet you’re sparing nearly 200 animals a year a violent and terrifying death.

“Every person who goes vegan reduces their chances of suffering from a number of health-related issues including diabetes, strokes and more.

“Vegans also have significantly lower carbon footprints than meat-eaters do, given that animal agriculture is a major producer of the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change.

“In the midst of the Extinction Rebellion climate protests, Goldsmith’s is doing what they can to encourage more students to go plant-based and to protect the planet.”

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