Gold Discount Jewellery will help you to confidently choose the perfect final design

If you come in to visit Gold Discount Jewellery, your bespoke design experience will start with an in-depth discussion with one of their dedicated consultants.

From re-modelling an existing design to creating something that is completely unique, their expert designers will happily create a design brief for you, so you can see how your ideas and dreams can become a shining reality.
Along with the design concept, they also help you choose from our beautiful collection of stunning stones.
Whether you are looking for a perfectly cut diamond, a captivating Ceylon sapphire, or a beautiful Zambian emerald, Gold Discount Jewellery will explore the different appearances, beauty and prices to help you to find your perfect option.

For more complex designs, they will develop a series of hand-drawn or computer aided design images, depending on requirements, for you to review.

This will help you to confidently choose the perfect final design.

Gold Discount Jewellery can also repair gold, silver and platinum rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, charms and chains. They can reset all types of stone including cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones and diamonds with claw, pave, channel or rub settings.

Gold Discount Jewellery also offers restoration services, including gilding, barreling, engraving, mounting and polishing.

Gold Discount Jewellery is based at 9 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, SW9 8PA. Call 020 7737 5074, email or visit for more.

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