Game review: Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rockstar Studios don’t disappoint with latest gunslinging tale

I’m not sure there are words to do justice to the quality and attention to detail which Rockstar Studios have put into the glorious latest instalment of their sprawling cowboy epic.

You play as Arthur Morgan, a loyal and key part of the Van der Linde gang. You are on the run across five fictitious states of the USA. And it is chuffing brilliant.

Along with the main story mission, there are so many side tasks that you can complete. They range from hunting, fishing, playing cards in a saloon – the only thing they haven’t been able to replicate is the smell of sawdust on the floorboards – to helping out a myriad of strangers who cross your path.

In terms of third world games, nobody does it better than Rockstar.

It is a setting that makes you want to explore. And there were a few moments where I found myself stopping and just drinking in the stunning visuals.

The combat and cover system is nothing new to anyone who has played the last Red Dead or the Grand Theft Auto series.

It feels teeming with life, a big achievement when there is often a danger for this ambitious genre to have worlds that are a little empty and lifeless.

Firefights – or getting that all important perfect kill when hunting animals – is made a little easier by something called Bullet Time. The screen takes on a sepia tinge, everything slows down and you can mark the body parts you are aiming for before unleashing a hail of bullets.

You can buy horses – which differ in quality – and then effectively pimp them up with different saddles and stirrups. The same with weapons. And Morgan’s look can be changed massively – especially when you go to the barbers in Saint Denis.

I’d love to tell you more, but I’ve got to go – this wild boar isn’t going to cook itself on the camp fire.


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