G-TR enthusiast scoops £85,000 top of the range dream car

A petrol head received the surprise of a lifetime on Tuesday morning after scooping a top-of-the-range Nissan car worth £84,995 with dream car giveaway BOTB.

Usman Khawaja was left lost for words when he was handed the keys to a gleaming Nissan GT-R Recar.

“I really can’t believe I’ve won,” said the 35-year-old finance professional. “I’ve been saving for the car for ages now so to win one is just unbelievable.

“I play for the Nissan GT-R every week, it’s my dream car. “Japanese supercars are my absolute favourite; I’ve always said that no matter how much money I had I would always have one.

“I’m part of a Toyota Supra car group and we often drive all over Europe.”

Christian Williams, who delivered the good news, said it was amazing to hand the keys over to a true GT-R fan.

I have the best job in the world handing people their dream car,” said Christian.

“But it’s even more magical when I get to hand the keys over to someone who had been saving for the car they’ve just won.”

Go to www.botb.com for more details about the competition.

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