Free self defence classes for women who cannot afford it

A martial arts expert is offering classes in self defence for vulnerable women who cannot afford to pay for them.
Della O’Sullivan, based at Exercise Studio, Dulwich College Sports Club, Pond Cottages, Dulwich, is offering Saturday sessions in Covent Garden to teach up to 10 victims or potential victims of violence who are in need of them.
She said: “I met a lady not so long ago who said she had experienced some traumatic things and she wanted to join self defence class but she didn’t have the money. And that made me think if i can teach these wokshops but every time offer free spaces too it will work.
“Plus with London poverty numbers rising, and parents who cannot afford to send their kids i wanted to give those people a chance too.”
Issues covered include:
* Sexual harassment… what it is… and what to do about it.
* How to get out of grabs and chokes.
* What to do if you are grabbed and/or picked up from behind.
* How to prepare for and stay safe on ‘to and from’ journeys.
* How to recognise and avoid dangerous situations and what to do if you
find yourself in one.
* How to defend yourself from the ground.

All techniques, theories and strategies are based on the understanding of
being female and taught from a female perspective.
Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley St, Convent Garden, London WC2H 9JA
Session 1: 9-11am. Session 2: 4-6pm. Normal cost £30 each
Followed by a 5 week intensive self defence course in January 2019
For further details on
or call 07739 395197. Or email: