Sausages reviewed


Scorching temperatures make al fresco dining an ever more appealing option, and you can almost smell the barbecues being lit across London.

We’ve taken a little look at the best ingredients to make your barbecue go with a bang, and where better to start than the humble British banger.

Fire up the barbeques

Sizzling sausages, dogs to our friends across the pond, it amounts to the same thing, and no barbecue would be complete without them.

Premium sausages don’t get much juicier than Porky Whites.

The family-run business based in Surrey produces a number of varieties, including a low fat version, but we particularly like the Surreys – peppery with a hint of real honey and lemon juice – and the Originals – if you like a richer, more succulent and fuller-flavoured sausage.

Available from all major supermarkets and online –

Heck Chicken Burgers

Pork isn’t welcome at everyone’s table, and Yorkshire-based Heck offers a range of chicken sausages and burgers, which are also very low in fat, as well as truly delicious. Favourites here are Heck Chicken Italia burgers.

As well as a range including dairy-free and gluten-free options, there are also vegan products.

The mini range selection: pork, lamb and beef

If of course you want to cover all bases and give your guests a little taste of an array of meats, Scottish butcher Donald Russell has just the thing.

The Mini Range Selection includes grass-fed lamb and beef, and free-range pork, premium cuts in smaller portions.

The box feeds eight to 12 people and includes four lamb mini steaks, four lamb noisettes, four valentine steaks, four pork mini steaks, four mini rump steaks and six seasoned mini beef burgers.

High quality meat, the lamb cuts in particular cooked to a juicy and succulent finish –

Classick smoked baby back pork ribs

Tender and meaty, Baby Back Ribs from Farmison & Co are a versatile cut, great for slow cooking, or marinating and popping on the barbecue.

Left on the bone for maximum flavour and rubbed with an in-house mix of sugar, coriander, cumin and chilli, these ribs promise juicy, moreish succulence.

Dispatched frozen, and defrost en route to you. Consume within 24 hours after defrosting.

Make sure the pork ribs are thoroughly defrosted before cooking.

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