Festival of Indian music in Wimbledon

A unique festival of exotic world music is to return to ​Merton Art Space in Wimbledon Library on November 4 at 6.30pm.

Saudha, the society of poetry and Indian music, one of the leading Indian classical music promoters in this country, has been hosting this critically acclaimed festival in Wimbledon and all around London for last five years.

The three-months-long festival has already been hosted in the House of Commons, Keats House, ​Rich Mix and other prestigious art venues around London.

The session in Wimbledon features a prominent classical vocalist Chiranjib Chakraborty along with a guest artist from India Pt Biplab Bhattacharyya who will perform both Hindustani classical  – for example Kheyal – and few inter-related Bengali raga based semi-classical music.

Director of Saudha, Ahmed Kaysher, said: “The festival showcase the splendour of Bang​ali music with world-class performance by the best of Britain.

“It has attracted a significant flow of non-Asian audiences in last five years and we receive at least 30 per cent audiences from white Western backgrounds.

“Because Bengali music is mostly lyrics-based, even the great ambassador of Bengal to the international music community, Ravi Shankar, didn’t take any significant step to promote this great music in the West.

“We are extremely glad that the splendour of this powerful world music has been accepted by the international communities here in the West and they admire the beauty of this great art form as equally as Indian classical music and leave such a wonderful feedback.”

Fabian Hamilton MP dubbed this as one of his very best he has ever attended in his 20 years in parliament as an MP, following the session at the House of Commons.

For more detail, please log on www.saudha.org

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