Famous African and Caribbean folk tales hosted at the Sydenham Centre

Anansi the Spider tells the story of the naughtiest creature in the village and his rivalry with Tukkuma the Dragonfly.

This family-fun production brings a famous African and Caribbean folk tale to the Sydenham Centre, running for five weekends from Saturday, March 16 to Sunday, April 14 with two shows every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 4pm.

The story tells of Anansi and Tukkuma and their friend Aso the Butterfly who tries to settle their dispute whilst they try to avoid the dreaded Pest-Controller in order to prove who is the best creature in Jamaica.

Jonathon Kaufman, co-creator, said: “This is the story of Anansi who is always up to mischief, he never tells the truth but he learns the error of his ways.

“We decided to tell this story after doing a production about an alien in Jamaica last summer which was really popular.

Sydenham is a great place for it because of its multiculturalism and the whole show is performed in Patwa.

“The show will be full of action, comedy and audience participation, aimed at a wide age range with lots of stuff for adults.

“The message of the show us to work together and be friends. It’s about rivalry and how in the end, they work together and learn the importance of friendship.

“Anansi is always mischievous though, once a trickster, always a trickster.”

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