Exhibition: Discoveries: The Biting Point at the Fiumano Clase art gallery in Clerkenwel

An exhibition featuring work by three international female artists: Maria Positano, Florentine Ruault and Karen Tronel will open in February.

Each artist has been chosen by gallery directors Francesca Fiumano and Andrés Clase, who are always seeking to discover emerging talent for their gallery Fiumano Clase in Clerkenwell.

The exhibition will take place at the Fiumano Clase art gallery in Clerkenwell and for the first time, the directors have invited the artists to interact more directly with one another and the gallery space.

Window 1 (2017)
Photo: Florentine Ruault

Discoveries: The Biting Point explores ideas of harmony and tension between the artists and their respective works.

Italian artist Maria Positano creates sculptures which reflect upon the way that we process our surroundings and experiences.

She manipulates and controls materials such as bronze, clay, wood and copper, revealing their fundamental and structural core.

Florentine Ruault is a French artist currently based in London.

Her interest is rooted in contemporary problems with urban living and the de-humanisation of people as a direct result of their architectural environment.

Ruault’s work often comprises of large-scale woven interventions suspended in a room or attached to a building.

Combining the ancient material Sabra thread made from cactus with industrial materials such as steel and aluminium, she weaves the natural into the constructed.

Through the combination of processes spanning painting, sculpture, large-scale installation and film, Tronel, who is also an exhibition curator, creates a unique environment of objects, images and sounds that are finding space and momentum.

Francesca Fiumano and Andrés Clase said: “We are very excited to be involved in the creative journey of Positano, Ruault and Tronel. Visitors are invited to experience a fascinating dialogue between three compelling and innovative contemporary artists.

This is an exhibition that will challenge and delight in equal measure.”

Discoveries: The Biting Point runs from February 7 – March 15.

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