Ex-boxers raise funds to keep kids off the streets

A night of white-collar boxing will raise money for local communities trying to steer young people away from knife crime.

The event is staged by the House of Champs charity at Bethnal Green’s York Hall on Friday May 3.

Ex-amateur boxer Brian Simpson is coming out of retirement to feature on the show, with the proceeds of his ticket sales helping to fund the funeral of Dennis Anderson, who was fatally stabbed in East Dulwich on February 10.

Other boxers are raising money for initiatives which have the well-being of their communities at heart.

Knife crime and inadequate social health care are two of the major concerns being targeted, with the intention of assisting small charities and good causes in their efforts to make a difference.

The House of Champs was set up by former boxers Terry Allain and David Walker, both now registered coaches.

Walker, known as ‘Kid Dynamite’ in the ring, has suffered from depression in the past and knows first-hand the value of boxing training as a means of achieving mental and physical fitness.

Allain’s experience at one of the UK’s oldest and most successful amateur clubs, the Lynn in Southwark, has given him invaluable insight into how the aggression of youngsters can be channelled in a positive direction.

Together, Allain and Walker and the House of Champs are striving to make our communities safe and healthier places to live.

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