Educational charity ‘Inspire Schools’ organises search for the best teaching staff in Lewisham for the London Teacher of the Year 2019 awards


The search has begun to find the best teaching staff in Lewisham. Nominations are now open for the 2019 London Teacher of the Year Awards.

The deadline for nominations for Teacher of the Year 2019 is March 7.

Organised by educational charity Inspire Schools, the awards recognise school staff’s expertise, dedication and the vital contribution they make to the wider community.

There are separate awards for primary, secondary, further education, newly qualified teachers, support staff, volunteers and teams, and in different subjects and categories such as raising aspiration and careers-fair organiser.

Winners will be announced for Lewisham and each of London’s other boroughs, as well as for the city as a whole.

Inspire Schools chief executive Simon Dolby said: “This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much you appreciate the wonderful work that teachers – individual and teams of staff – do in Lewisham’s schools and colleges.

“And with schools and their staff and volunteers straining under the burden of straitened finances and ever-expanding workloads, there’s never been a greater need for awards like these.”

The winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony taking place at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s headquarters in Mayfair in June.

The judging organisations include the University of Greenwich, Imperial College London and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Any other business or organisations that would like to get involved, either by providing support or taking part in the judging process, should contact Mr Dolby at or Karen Brinkman at

The deadline for submitting nominations is noon at March 7.

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