Drug dealers involved in ‘chemsex scene’ throughout Streatham jailed


Drug dealers linked to what the police call the ‘chemsex’ scene, have been jailed.

Chemically enhanced sex is when people use drugs before and during sex for a more euphoric experience.

It typically involves crystal methamphetamine, GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) or GBL (gamma butyrolactone), also known as mephedrone, according to the police.

Nicholas Harman (pictured right), of Aldrington Road, and Andrew Hume (pictured left), of Natal Road, both in Streatham, were found guilty of possession with intent to supply crystal meth and GBL.

Jonathan Bartley, leader of the opposition on Lambeth council, said: “This is a terrible case, but sadly it is not an isolated one. There is a big issue on Streatham Green where a lot of dealing is going on.

We have called for an emergency summit meeting with council officers, local businesses, police and community groups dealing with addiction so we can get the joined-up action we need to urgently address it.”

When officers conducted searches through phones recovered at the houses, they found correspondence detailing a network of drug supply across the whole of London.

Messages from seized phones suggested users were involved in chemsex activity because of the language and slang they used.

A spokesman for the police said: “GBL and GHB are chemicals used during sex, often in ‘chillouts’, ‘sex parties’ or when clubbing.

They’re depressant drugs which means they have a sedative and euphoric effect, similar to being drunk.”

Chemsex was first brought to wider public attention when Stefano Brizzi invited police officer Gordon Semple to his house in Southwark Street for a “hot dirty sleazy session.” Brizzi was a self-confessed “chemsex addict”, the Old Bailey heard in 2016.

Brizzi was found guilty of murder after Mr Semple’s body was found dismembered in the Southwark house.

Sergeant Dan Garwood, who led the Streatham operation, said: “We have a greater understanding of the specific issues surrounding the ‘chemsex’ scene and how to support low level users to escape this cycle whilst bringing dealers to justice.

“These particular drugs can cause horrendous physical and mental damage to users and these dealers were profiting from destroying lives. I would urge anyone using these drugs to seek help from the charities and support groups available before it is too late.”

In the Streatham case Hume, 48, was also found guilty of possessing £33,000 of undeclared cash.

Simon Bennett, 52, was found in Natal Road with Hume on December 10, 2016.

Bennett pleaded guilty to possession of GBL and crystal meth and was given a conditional discharge at court on September 28.

Hume was found guilty at the conclusion of a trial on September 28 at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to three years and nine months on November 13.

James Peter Goldie, 31, was found in the Aldrington Road house with Harman. Goldie pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of crystal meth and GBL. He was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing on December 10.

Harman pleaded guilty to nine counts including possession, importation and being concerned in the supply of crystal meth, GBL, MDMA and ketamine. He was sentenced to a total of three years and six months’ imprisonment on 13 November.

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