Discovery in a dump uncovers £10k of Churchill’s own possessions

A hat and a cigar belonging to Winston Churchill made an appearance on Antiques Roadshow after being discovered in a dump.

The 41-year-old BBC programme travelled to Eltham Palace in Greenwich where the wartime Prime Minister’s possessions were valued at £10,000.

David Rose made the discovery in a rubbish tip where he works, which also contained a cigar case and letters from a cook to her son giving details of the prime minister’s daily life.

The items were gifts from Churchill to a cook and included a signed photo of the politician himself.

David Rose said: “I’ve got loads of letters, like over 200 letters with this same load, and it was from a mother to her son.

“The mother used to work for Winston Churchill, she was a cook and her husband was a butler for Winston Churchill as well.

And she used to write to her son every day about the daily goings-on of Winston Churchill, what he was getting up to, how he was feeling and just the interesting stuff about him.

David Rose would not say at which dump he had found the items.

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