Dinosaur Pieces at Greenwich Theatre

TWO ONE ACT PLAYS 16 – 19 January
Linked by common themes

London 1856, the dawn of the fourth estate.

The Reverent William Buckland, Discoverer of Megalosaurus, A Zoophage, The Dean of Westminster and the first professor of Geology at Oxford University lays on his deathbed in a private asylum. A journalist resorts to unconventional methods to try and secure a scandalous deathbed confession.

A story of rivalry narrated by two of palaeontology’s most infamous figures, Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh.

In the present day, Lost in the middle of Oxfordshire a group of amateur Palaeontologists discover a remarkable paleontological find and a wife unearths a secret about her husband that will lead to something else being buried.

Director: Stuart Mitchell-Smith  
by: Stuart Mitchell-Smith  
Performance times: 7.30pm
Ticket prices: £16, Concessions £13.50 (all prices include a £1 per ticket booking fee)

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