David Kowalski – Die Farben & The Last Pictures from Earth

The apocalyptic and the mysterious will be open for viewing at the bo.lee gallery in David Kowalski’s work.

The self-taught painter will present his world of devastated and uninhabited places to the public on his December 5 grand opening.

Die Farben and The Last Pictures from Earth offer you a small window into Kowalski’s surreal and otherworldly spaces.

Most of his art is blurred or distorted, giving you a sense of the dystopia that he is trying to replicate.

You may find you cannot put your finger on Kowalski’s work, but his dystopias are purposely open to the imagination – letting you create your own version of his story.

The German painter brings his many inspirations, including Zen culture and ambient electronic music onto the page with thin layers of oil paint and wax.

His object-paintings are unlike anything you have seen before and leave you wondering what is next for Kowalski.

Kowalski’s love of electronic music became even clearer in his ongoing 2019 series Die Farben.

The series responds to the album ‘Patashnik’ by Norwegian artist Biosphere. He delved into colour to create a strangeness Kowalski compares to alien visitors.

The exhibition will run until January 18, so if you are interested in dystopian fiction or thought provoking work, don’t miss the chance to become confused and in awe at the same time.

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