Croydon residents can quiz their top cops

Croydon Borough Police are holding their first online forum which is open to the public on their Facebook site.

This follows the trials and successes of other London Borough’s online police forums.

Chief Inspector Craig Knight,  developed the online police forums for our neighbours in Bromley and Sutton.

Bromley and Sutton Police have seen their fortnightly police forums growing in popularity since they were launched in the last few months, and we don’t want Croydon to miss out!

The first online forum will be held on Tuesday 13th August 2019 at 7pm.

It will be held on the Croydon Police Facebook site and is available to anyone to view and participate in with a Facebook Account.

Chief Inspector Craig Knight, Croydon Police

The questions posted to the police on the forum and the answers given will be available to view publicly, and will remain on view on the site.

A senior local police officer will host the forum each fortnight.

Chief In-spector Craig Knight will host the initial forum held on Tuesday 13th August 2019 at 7pm until it’s close at 8.30 pm.

Although members of the public can ask the police anything they hoose, our forum is most likely to be of interest to residents, businesses, and visitors to the London Borough Of Croydon.

The public can discuss the local issues that matter to them, and they re welcome to remain anonymous especially if asking for personal advice.

Just log on Facebook with an account and join us at Croydon Police’s page here:

We recognise that not all members of the public want to travel to public forums in person for a variety of reasons.

The Croydon Online Forum will enable people to meaningfully engage directly online with a senior local decision making officer regularly every fortnight if they choose, from the convenience of their internet enabled device.

The forum’s aim is to empower local residents who wish to engage with the police in a discussion about issues that matters to them.

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