Croydon Mum and daughter’s hostel stay was five times limit


A working single mum who has had to share a one-bedroomed flat with her 13-year old daughter in a former office block for eight months has been told that she will be rehoused.

Chantelle Green, 32 and her daughter have been in Windsor House hostel, in London Road, Croydon, since April – and claim they have been subjected to the foul-mouthed rants from neighbours at all hours of the day and night.

The duo regularly stay at Chantelle’s dad’s one-bed flat just to get a good night’s rest.

Chantelle and her daughter have now lived at the hostel for eight months – even though parents with children should not be in unsuitable temporary accommodation for more than six weeks, according to guidance issued by Citizens Advice.

Chantelle’s daughter goes to school in Shirley and never wants to come home.

Chantelle said: “She waits at my dad’s house round the corner from me. She doesn’t want to go back there alone. I’m too frightened of people who live here.”

The hostel manager told her “the rules are three strikes and you’re out” but she says she has not seen any action taken against residents’ antics.

She said: “I’ve seen people in this building leave after two months and they have admitted never paying their rent. None of them work.

“I’ve been looking for places to rent but having no luck as some want too much in advance and I’ve wasted money on references.”

Chantelle works with autistic children up to 40 hours a week and suffers from anxiety and depression.

“I’ve got sleeping tablets from my doctor because they keep me up all night,” she added.

She was originally informed by her case worker that she had made herself intentionally homeless and had to provide evidence that she was legally evicted from her previous property by the landlord.

Chantelle and her daughter are one of 2,449 households in Croydon living in temporary accommodation, according to statistics produced by the Trust for London charity.

A spokesman for Croydon council said: “We take all complaints seriously and investigate them fully.

“We are engaging with the neighbours concerned to find a resolution and are keeping them updated.

In the meantime, we continue to search for a suitable longer-term accommodation for this particular household.”

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