Croydon building to make way for 55 flats

A community centre is to be demolished to make way for an eight-storey block of 55 flats, writes Tara O’Connor, Local Government Correspondent.

Matthews Yard will leave its base in Surrey Street, Croydon at the end of next month.

In February last year Croydon council’s planning committee approved the development on the site of the not-for-profit venue.

But Matthews Yard’s owners are keen to stay in Croydon and hope to find a new location soon.

Its last day trading at the site off Surrey Street will be February 22.

At the time the plans were passed there were 80 objections and 6,000 people signed a petition to save Matthews Yard.

The site is currently home to a conference centre, with the first floor of the building used by Folly’s End Fellowship Church, the basement by Matthews Yard and the retail unit by a 99p shop.

The building is owned by Folly’s End which is selling it to private developers. Matthews Yard’s owners were given six months’ notice that they would have to vacate and have known for a year that they would definitely have to leave.

Councillor Caragh Skipper, a Fairfield representative, said: “Matthews Yard is a gem in our town centre community and I thank those involved for all the work they have done to keep it open.

“I look forward to seeing them reopen their doors in a new location as soon as possible.”

A big event to mark the end of Matthews Yard as it is now is expected to be held on February 22, along with other events in the next two months.

One thought on “Croydon building to make way for 55 flats

  • 7th January 2020 at 4:09 pm

    That’s sad been that market for many things now, why close foe rich apartments for the rich people. Think about the people trying earn a living from this market to support their families.


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