Crafty bike thieves nick front wheel from one bike and everything but front wheel from other

Crafty bike thieves have left two riders bemused after they nicked the front wheel from one bike and everything but the front wheel from another bike.

The theft, which took place outside the Greenwich centre on Lambarde Square on Thursday August 9, was reported to the police. 

An investigation has been opened.

One of the bike owners, Calum Fraser, 25, of Charlton, said: “At first I was really annoyed. But then I saw the other guy who was just standing there holding one wheel, no frame or back wheel, looking pretty upset. Then I thought, maybe I’ve got the better side of the deal here.”

The incident took place between 7pm and 8:30pm.

If you have any information call 101 quoting crime number 3616975/18.

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