Converted Plumstead cafe is flushed for success

An old public toilet has been converted into a community cafe.

The operators of the Slade Cafe, which has moved into the renovated public toilet in Plumstead Common, want the cafe to be environmentally friendly.

Waste from used coffee and food will be composted and people are encouraged to bring their own takeaway containers and coffee cups to minimise unnecessary waste.

Kieran Barry, head chef and owner of The Slade Café, said: “The café will celebrate the diverse and vibrant cultures of Plumstead.

“I grew up in Plumstead and my family all still live here, so I’m excited to give something back to the community that I know and love.

We believe in creating a thriving community hub with good food at its heart.”

The cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch, with evening dining from 2019.

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