Co-founder of a Brixton sports centre for disadvantaged people, Steadman Scott is pleased as punch to hug his mum

Steadman Scott, who co-founded a sports centre to train disadvantaged people in South London, has always been the man in the background, but he will be firmly in the foreground this weekend

His sports centre, the Brixton-based Afewee Training Centre, aims to help young people at risk of getting involved with knife crime and gang culture.

Its alumni include ex-Crystal Palace and Liverpool footballer Nathaniel Clyne.

Now “Uncle Steadman” will be seen by five million people during the X Factor ad break tomorrow.

The National Lottery Fund flew his 92-year-old mother Melita Daley over from Florida to surprise Steadman with a hug.

He said: “I just can’t put into words how I felt, I’m over the moon.


The very last thing I expected on a Wednesday training evening at Afewee Boxing Club was a visit from my mum. “It’s been incredible to show her everything we have achieved here.

My mother is all about sharing and helping her community, perhaps it’s in our DNA that I want to do the same through Afewee.

“This moment has literally been a once in a lifetime experience for me. I always say Afewee isn’t about I, me or you, it’s we.

I’m amazed that the ‘we’ includes my 92 year old mother.”

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