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Frank Godley


An entrepreneur has launched a fashion label inspired by the first private to receive the country’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross.

Business management and digital media student Zib Nyatito, 27, from Vauxhall, launched his brand Frank Godley with a focus to “empower” young people. A percentage of profits made on all purchases goes to the Help for Heroes charity, which pays for rehabilitation and treatment for wounded war veterans.

Zib was inspired by a documentary in 2015 on Godley, who 100 years before had become the first private to receive the Victoria Cross – the highest military honour available to a British soldier.

Zib Nyatito

He had single-handedly defended a German attack for two hours on the frontline, in Mons, Belgium, despite suffering terrible injuries. Frank Godley the brand aims to provide a luxurious yet affordable product, with a collection of bold mesh back panel trucker style caps which come in an array of colours from scarlet red to sage green.Currently studying towards a degree in business management and digital media at Roehampton University, Zib is focused on his mission to expand his start-up brand Frank Godley and grow not only the brand, but the team of young people working alongside him.

Zib said: “We aim to empower people. With us being the youth of today, hiring other people of similar ages or younger than us, I feel like we’re contributing a lot more to the community than just providing a quality product.

“We’re employing 16 young people; they are in employment – not out on the streets doing things they’re not supposed to be doing.”

Lieutenant Maurice Dease and Godley were manning a machine gun after the previous crews were either killed or wounded, on August 23 1914. When Lieutenant Dease was killed, and the order to retreat was issued, Private Godley offered to defend the Nimy railway bridge while the rest of the section retreated.

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