Charlton Athletic boss Lee Bowyer: We need to make our last loan count in transfer window


Lee Bowyer says Charlton Athletic have no room for error as they look to bring in a striker – because they only have one loan slot left in their squad.

Clubs can only have a maximum of five in their matchday squad. The Addicks have four – Kristian Bielik, Chris Maxwell, Josh Cullen and Ben Purrington.

“We’re interested in bringing in another striker but we have to be careful,” said Charlton manager Bowyer. “We have only got one space left for the loans, so we have to use this one wisely.

“We need to weigh up where the side is coming towards the end [of the window]. We’ll have a list and just keep an eye on where they are and what they are doing.”

Another issue is that a new addition is unlikely to break up the Karlan Grant-Lyle Taylor partnership.

“That can be a problem,” said Bowyer. “Those two are playing well and when someone loans you a player they want them to play, that’s the whole point of it.

“It is like us when we loan someone out, you want them to play either for experience or another reason.

“You’ve got to basically bring in someone who is happy not to start every game.

“But that is the game of football, not everyone is guaranteed to play. If someone is doing well then they stay in.”

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