Canary found in Forest Hill school is so pleased he can’t stop singing

A chirpy little canary who was found lost in London is so chuffed to have been rescued that he won’t stop singing!

Kehaar the canary was spotted flying around a school playground in Forest Hill, London, on Wednesday, 27 February.

The RSPCA were alerted and an animal collection officer went to collect the little bird. He was taken to the charity’s Putney Animal Hospital where he’s being looked after by staff.

Hospital administrator Jo Elmes said: “When Kehaar first arrived he was very confused and frightened, and we weren’t sure if he wanted to sing. But now he’s started, he just won’t stop!

“He’s very happy since being rescued and likes to sing the staff little tunes – we think it’s his way of thanking us for looking after hime! It’s very entertaining.

“Sadly, he doesn’t have an ID chip or ring and we’ve not been able to trace an owner so far from the usual lost pet websites. We’re sure someone must be looking for him so if you know someone who has lost a canary or think you may recognise him please get in touch!”

If you think you recognise Kehaar please contact the hospital on 0300 123 0716.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals like Kehaar please visit our website.

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