Cafe dedicated to murdered teen Jimmy Mizen robbed twice in five days

A charity cafe dedicated to a boy killed a day after his 16th birthday was burgled twice in less than a week.

The Good Hope Cafes in Lewisham raise funds for the For Jimmy charity set up by the Mizen family after Jimmy was brutally killed a decade ago.

Burglars smashed a window and broke into the Ladywell Fields branch of the community cafes on Sunday December 2 – the second attack on the cafe in five days.

Jimmy’s mother Margaret Mizen said: “I didn’t say anything after the first burglary, but we’re getting quite fed up now.

Jimmy’s parents Barry and Margaret Mizen remain defiant despite the fact that their Good Hope cafes have been repeatedly targeted.

“We have been broken into so many times in the past few years, it must be about 15.

“I know this is small fry compared to the rise in violence we’re seeing at the moment. It’s still such a shame though.”

The Mizen family had put up security fencing to protect the cafe after a container with all their stock was robbed on Friday November 30.

A group of thugs then bypassed the security gates on Sunday December 2.

Mrs Mizen believes they were trying to steal money, but the tills had been cleared for the day so they left without taking anything.

The police have not commented on whether they think the incidents are linked.

Photo of Jake Fahri, 19, the teenager who killed Jimmy Mizen.

The mother-of-eight said: “You would be surprised by how many drinks were taken. It was demoralising but we decided to let it go.”

Jimmy had stepped out of his house in Lee to buy a lottery ticket on his 16th birthday when he was killed by Jake Fahri in the Three Cooks Bakery in Burnt Ash Hill on May 10, 2008.

In 2009, 19-year-old Fahri was jailed for life for his murder.

Since that tragedy the Mizen family have devoted their lives to helping vulnerable children.

They set up the For Jimmy charity and have campaigned up and down the country in schools, prisons and public meetings.

They provide work experience and training to people with autism in the Good Hope cafes.

Undated Family handout photo of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen.

Mrs Mizen, 66, said: “We are about rebuilding the community and it can knock you back a bit when this happens.

“We have young people with autism working here and  when they hear these things, it can scare them.

“But this won’t hold us back at all, we are as determined as ever.”

It is estimated that the burglars caused more than £500 worth of damage.

Mrs Mizen said: “It’s not just the broken windows and the stolen stock though. We couldn’t open on Monday and had to pay the staff.

“We have received messages of support though from people in the area. Especially Millwall fans. We cannot thank them enough for the support they give us and the charity.”

Millwall’s fan on the board Micky Simpson said: “The service this family does for the community is second to none.

“Surely they have suffered enough. I think it is disgusting that someone could steal from them, absolutely disgusting.”

A police spokeswoman said that the investigations into both cases had been closed, but could be reopened if new evidence comes to light. 

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