‘Building is falling to pieces’ complains furious residents of East Carriage House, Woolwich


Rats, antisocial behaviour and filthy floors are among the complaints being made by furious residents against a housing association.

More than 100 people have signed a petition calling on their landlords Southern Housing Group to improve their maintenance services which residents pay £2,000 a year for.

Robin Basham Field, who has lived for four years in East Carriage House in Arsenal Way, Woolwich, started the petition after what he claims has been months of arguments with SHG. The 39-year-old said: “It’s absolutely chaotic.

I get passed from pillar to post, they say we’re going to fix something and then nothing happens. “It’s infuriating when you receive this bill and the place is falling apart. We know that other privately owned buildings on the site are paying less than we are.

“The floors in the corridors are covered in stains, one of my neighbours has had a terrible rat problem. How can they think this is acceptable? “We’ve had enough and we are making a stand.”

Chris Harris, SHG group customer service director, said: “We take customer service seriously and we’re sorry to hear about the issues our customers at East Carriage House have referred to.

“We’re already working on many of the points raised. For example we’ll be consulting customers about replacing the foyer carpets in a future planned maintenance programme, and we continue to work with the management agent onsite to expedite matters that are important to our customers.

“If customers are experiencing specific issues in their homes, for example pest control issues or antisocial behaviour, they can contact our Customer Service Centre and one of our team will be happy to help them resolve the problem.”

To see the petition, go to change.org and search East Carriage House.

2 thoughts on “‘Building is falling to pieces’ complains furious residents of East Carriage House, Woolwich

  • 24th November 2018 at 3:32 pm

    This article is simply not true. I have lived in this building since it was first built and it’s certainly not falling apart – did the journalist do an inspection to check if what he/she was being told was at all accurate? I doubt it very much.

    Very disappointing and poor journalism.

    • 14th January 2019 at 6:41 pm

      I lived here for that long too. No way it’s falling apart. I don’t believe in the reports of pests either. The antisocial behaviour is unbelievable though and I don’t even want to say what it is. I don’t suppose the SGH can do much more about it though


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