Bromley schoolboy raises awareness by starting his own eco-business

A 10-year-old schoolboy has started his own eco-business to inspire others and generate lasting change.

Oskar Petersen, from Bromley, was so inspired by his school project, ‘Bickley Park’s Commotion in the Ocean’, he knew he wanted to take action against plastic and disposable products to protect sea life.

After a lot of research, which included watching documentaries, reading relevant books and persuading his own parents, Oskar convinced them to invest in his first business idea – selling toothbrushes made from bamboo.

He wanted to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic in the ocean while being able to provide much-needed alternatives to such simple everyday products.

Millions of disposable plastic toothbrushes reach landfill in the UK alone every year, and Oskar understood that a biodegradable version was an easy product for people to change to that would make a significant difference.

Oskar’s products can be found at and more can be seen on his Instagram @plasticrevolutionnow.

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