Brockley primary school secures outside funding for arts department

A primary school has secured outside funding for its art department and plans to hold an exhibition amid funding cuts for the school.

Myatt Garden Primary School on Rokeby Road in Brockley has had to look outside the usual funding stream granted by the department for Education after a series of cuts has left it underfunded.

The school places high importance on the arts and has secured funding from Conran, a local estate agent, to provide extra cash for supplies and school trips.

Myatt Garden committee member Noreen Bardsley of Malpas Road, Brockley, said: “We aim for a budget of £10,000 for our art and sports departments but we are finding it difficult to reach that amount – there’s only so many bake sales you can do, we’ve kind of reached the ceiling.

“We decided to find local businesses with an art interest and we targeted Conran, luckily the regional director happened to be in the office the day we went in.

“We know arts is so important to our school for every child’s development but each year we get a decrease in funds from Lewisham council.”

Then town hall said that the funds provided by them come from the Department for Education.

A DfE spokeswoman said: “Local authorities continue to be responsible for determining school budgets at a local level, including for Myatt Garden Primary, using the funding they are allocated through the national funding formula.
“While there is more money going into our schools than ever before, we do recognise the budgeting challenges schools face and that we are asking them to do more. That’s why we’re supporting schools and head teachers, and their local authorities, to make the most of every pound.”

Myatt Garden are putting on an art exhibition at the Lewisham Art House on 7-9 March which is now possible after the funding from Conran.

Sally Williams, Head Teacher of Myatt Garden Primary School, said: “Art has a fundamental role within Myatt Garden and we are extremely grateful for Conran and the Brockley branch for its support, which goes a long way to helping us realise our ambitions for our children. Conran’s commitment to support our Art Funding echoes our values and theirs.”

Guy Marsh, Conran Brockley Office Partner, said: “We are proud to support Art Funding at Myatt Garden Primary School. The passion for creativity and innovative thinking makes this the perfect fit, and we are looking forward to developing our relationship with this great local school.”

The art on display at the exhibition will come from the school’s involvement in the National Gallery’s Take One Picture scheme which encourages primary school children to engage with the subject matter of works on at the National Gallery.

Hudson Bardsley, 5, in reception year, said: “I loved doing art all week. We used old food boxes and painted them to make colourful boats.”

Finley Buchanan, 6, in year 2, said: “My favorite part was when we finished the Shard because it looked really good.”

Johanne Buchanan, 9, added: “I like doing abstract art it was really fun.”

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