Brixton BMX Club host London Series final


Brixton’s Brockwell Park BMX track  hosted the London Series Round 5 and final last weekend.

Heavy rain in the night and early morning left pools of water on the track, particularly on the fourth straight.

However several visitors to the track pitched in alongside Brixton club members to dig out the drains with shovels and use buckets to allow the event to go ahead.

Brixton’s BMX Club riders were out in force, 34 riders aged from five to 53.

They included Max Alfrey, Tien Albert, Kieran Beneochrist, Leon Bickelmann Gaia Bickelmann, Milo Enweani, Caelan Freemann Walshe, Josiah Emeka, George Kavanagh-Clarke, Louis Keane, Rudie Keane, Rian Koehler, Laurie Matthews, Christopher Moore, Determination Paton and Isla Radcliffe.

Also in action were Jake Ranasinghe, Rosa Robinson, Jahziah Samuels, Tom Schwimmbeck, Saul Taylor, Alex Taylor, Harvey Tomlinson, Ezra Thompson, Leo Tropper, Anton Weijburg, Philip Weltzein, Kian Whiteman-Cole, Oliver Wong, Hugo Wynne, Caleb Wynne, Luke Wynne.

The club scored good results in both novice and expert categories, only behind Peckham in the overall points.

Male 17+ novice Christopher Moore took first place, as did Isla Radcliffe (female 9-10 expert). In male 15-16 expert, Tom Schwimmbeck crossed the line in first.

The A final of the highly competitive male experts aged 13-14 class landed the prime slot as the last race of the day. Brixton riders showed their skills plus knowledge of their home track, scoring first, second and third places.

Alex Taylor crossed the line in first and Kieran Beneochrist in second. They were followed closely by Max Alfrey in third with Phoebe Gaynor in fourth.

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