Brandy is the luckiest dog alive after a one and half inch thick stick lodges in her throat


A dog which survived a freak accident where an 11- inch chunk of wood was lodged down her throat could officially be voted the luckiest animal in Britain.

Staffordshire bull terrier Brandy ran to catch a stick thrown by her owner, Soe Lye, of Brent Road, Woolwich.

It dropped from the sky and then lodged into the ground where Brandy ran straight into it with her mouth open. The one-and-a-half-inch thick chunk plunged down Brandy’s throat, narrowly missing two main arteries.

The three-year-old pooch is now in a shortlist of four pets for the PDSA Pet Survivor Awards 2018 for luckiest animal in the UK.

Soe’s mum Sophie-Jayne Lye was sitting in her house in June last year when she heard her 22-year-old daughter scream.

She said: “I heard a really high-pitched series of yelps then my daughter was crying and screaming ‘mum,the dog is dying.’ “She said there was a stick in Brandy’s mouth and I thought it was going to be a small one preventing her from closing her mouth.

“But it was massive, you could see the other end of it sticking out of her shoulders under the skin.

“About half an inch was sticking out of her mouth and I tried to loosen it but it was firmly stuck.”

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, heard the screams and ran down.

Ex-police officer Sophie-Jayne said: “ I was in a panic. Who do you call when this kind of thing happens?

“Luckily the neighbour knew where the closest vet was.

We got a plank of wood and used it like a stretcher and carried Brandy to the car. “She stayed still and didn’t make any fuss when we moved her.”

Staff at PDSA’s Thamesmead Pet Hospital said they were surprised that Brandy had survived this far, miraculously it had missed all nerves and arteries.

Brandy would have to undergo four and half hours of surgery. Sophie-Jayne and Soe were told to go home.

Sophie-Jayne , 49, said: “The vets said the odds were that she would not survive.

If the surgery didn’t kill her then infection was likely to. “I had to keep strong and keep it together.

Brandy was Soe’s little baby. She was in a bad state of shock. “The next day I took the call. When they told me she had survived we hugged and burst into tears. “It was a huge release.

We went and saw her 24 hours later in the kennel. She was in a right poor state, all scared and timid.” After several days at the hospital Brandy was able to go home, but still required round-the-clock care from her owners and regular visits back to PDSA.

They had to clean the drains in her wounds daily, but she eventually made a full recovery.

“The vets gave us the stick in disbelief I think,” Sophie-Jayne said. “We still keep it in a drawer in the house and Brandy knows where it is. “She’s very weary whenever we go near the drawer. She only plays with balls now.”

Sophie-Jayne’s cat, NAME, watched the whole incident with aloof disinterest. PDSA Pet Hospital Leader, Laura Davey, said: “Brandy’s were some of the worst stick injuries I’ve ever seen, she was incredibly lucky, as it would’ve been fatal if the stick had hit an artery.

“She was such a wonderful patient, and her owners’ dedication ensured she recovered as quickly as possible. We’re delighted she’s up for this award, and think she truly deserves to win.”

Voting for the PDSA Pet Survivor Awards is open until November 30.

The competition was open to pets treated for a life-threatening illness or injury by a vet in the UK between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2018.

To vote, go to

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