Boxing – Eyram dominated bout as Charlie won his war

Lynn AC boxers Charlie Wincott and Eyram Avadzi won their class B, under-20 bouts, at the National novice finals on Sunday.

First up was Eyram, who is known at the club in Lambeth North as Smiler. He took on A Fariad from Dallow ABC.

Coach Terry Pearson said: “We told Smiler before the bout to stick to the basics – use his jab and a straight one-two. Smiler has very fast hands.

“He stuck to the plan and dominated all four rounds, coming away with a unanimous points win.

“Charlie’s bout on the other hand was very different. He boxed D Denikajev from Peackock ABC.

“We wanted Charlie to stick to his boxing as he did in his semi-final, but from the first bell his opponent was on his chest and it turned into a war.

“We noticed from the corner that Charlie’s body shots where taking affect on the Peacock lad so we told him to work inside, changing his attack from body to head which he did for the next three rounds and walked away the winner in a very close split decision.”

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