Annual festival ‘Out of the Wings Festival’ from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world takes place at the Omnibus Theatre

An annual festival of theatre from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world will take place at the Omnibus Theatre from July 30 until August 3.

Out of the Wings Festival, now in its fourth year, will present a series of staged readings to bring to life new English translations of works by playwrights from six countries, alongside workshops, talks and events.

This year’s programme includes writers from Chile, Portugal, Uruguay, Spain, Colombia and Cuba, with plays dating from the mid-20th century to the present day.

In a showcase of the breadth and variety of Iberoamerican playwriting, the plays take on themes of loss and belonging, love and family, political correctness, obsession, resilience and creativity.

Out of the Wings brings together writers, translators, other theatre-makers and audiences of all backgrounds to share international stories as yet unheard in the UK.

Alongside the plays, Out of the Wings will also host three practical, interactive workshops at the Omnibus on the theme of theatre in translation, exploring translation for radio drama, the role of objects and emotions in translating a play, and the experience of working with real-life characters.

The evening readings will be followed by post-show events including discussions with the playwrights, music, and other festivities.

The festival also includes a one-day forum of panels, debate and networking on the themes of international theatre and translation for the stage, hosted by King’s College London with Goldsmiths University of London and Language Acts and Worldmaking.

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