Amanda Holden awarded Honorary Doctorate in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the arts

Amanda Holden might be the current holder of the Rear of the Year award but it is her brainpower which was celebrated when she was given an Honorary Doctorate by a drama school.

The award, made by Peckham-based Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts on Wednesday, was made in recognition of Amanda’s outstanding contribution to the UK’s arts industry.

The ceremony took place at the Union Chapel in Islington where the graduating class of 2019 all received their degrees.

Amanda Holden

Amanda paid tribute to the training that she received at Mountview in her acceptance speech, and said: “I’m not claiming that our craft is the panacea for all ills, I’d never do that, mainly because I don’t know what panacea means, but from the beginning of time there has been a need for people to express themselves artistically – yes, we are the modern day equivalent of cave drawings, but that need is what allows the world to breathe, to take some time to interpret the chaos and, quite simply, to just experience some joy.

“As Picasso said, art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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