AFC Wimbledon boss wants a big top-flight club away in FA Cup third round

Neal Ardley wants an away tie against one of the top Premier League clubs in the FA Cup third round.

The Dons’ 3-1 win over Charlton today saw them put their name into the draw, which takes place tomorrow night.

Ardley said: “At this point the games in this competition are so tough; I know we’re on a good run but give me one of the big boys away from home and some money in the pot – and I’d be delighted for the club.

“It would be a challenge to go up against them. That would be my ideal thing in round three. Let’s watch that tomorrow night.

“I don’t look at it that the finances would help me bring players in. I just look at it that it would help our club. We’re trying to get our stadium going and stuff like that  – there are always costs going out the window.

“We work really hard for every penny we get. Anything we can bring in, I’m delighted with.”

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