Newspaper Advertising

Accepted file formats – PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIF or ZIP
High resolution (at least 300 dpi), minimum resolution – 72 dpi
Colour for print – CMYK (Export and convert all text, vectors and images to CMYK)
All fonts should be embedded, converted to shape or outlined.
Transparency should be preserved – not flattened.
We can also design your advertisement for you at no extra cost, ideally logos and text should be supplied via email. Newspaper advertisements will also appear on the online digital editions of the newspaper including the app.

Advertisement options
(Newspaper sizes are height x width)

Front page: 29cm x 26.2cm
DPS: 34cm x 54.4cm
Back page: 34cm x 26.2cm

34cm x 26.2cm

Horizontal: 17cm x 26.2cm
Vertical: 34cm x 13.1cm

17cm x 13.1cm

(5×2) Ear Piece: 5cm x 6.4cm
(6×8) Footer Large: 6cm x 26.2cm
(6×4) Footer Medium: 6cm x 13.1cm
(10×2) Side Large: 10cm x 6.4cm
(8×2) Side Medium: 8cm x 6.4cm
(6×2) Footer/Side Small: 6cm x 6.4cm

(10×8) Footer: 10cm x 26.2cm

8 columns – 26.2cm
7 columns – 22.9cm
6 columns – 19.6cm
5 columns – 16.3cm
4 columns – 13.1cm
3 columns – 9.6cm
2 columns – 6.4cm
1 column – 3.1cm

Digital Advertising

We can take any print advertisements and create animated banners and MPU’s to run on the website.
Digital advertisements will appear on our website on all platforms – PC, tablet & mobile.
Accepted file formats – PNG, JPEG (static) or GIF (animated)
Colour for online – RGB (Export and convert all text, vectors and images to RGB)
All fonts should be embedded, converted to shape or outlined.
Transparency should be preserved – not flattened.
Resolution – 72 dpi or 96 dpi
PDF/X should not be used for digital advertising.
(Digital sizes are width x height)

Leaderboard banners & MPU’s
Leaderboards are the first advertisements to be seen by users accessing our website. They are a stand-out dominator with high impact and premium space. MPU’s are our most popular way to advertise and will appear on a global setting – this means they don’t just stay on the homepage, they will stay in a ‘fixed position’ and appear on every page of the website.


Leaderboard positions may be shared on a takeover rotation (10 seconds) with other advertisers and will appear on the homepage only. Footer banners will appear on every page.

Leaflet Distribution

‘Why not enhance your advertising!’

We offer a full leaflet service.
We can design your leaflets to your specifications, print your leaflets, then offer you a range of distribution services to tailor your needs.

Solus door-to-door distribution has the option of being tracked.
Shared distribution which can go out door-to-door with other literature or leaflets can be inserted into our newspapers on production at the press.

Insertion of leaflets endeavours to provide a 100% pick up from over 1000 locations across South London including train stations, shopping centres and special events.

Contact us for more details

Tel: 03300 580 680 (option 4 or option 1)