Adelaide Fringe Festival: Build A Rocket, Streatham Space this October

An internationally-renowned and award-winning play at the Adelaide Fringe Festival is heading on tour and stopping for one night in Streatham.

Build A Rocket is a powerful and uplifting one-woman show about a young mother from Scarborough will be at the Streatham Space on October 10-12.

Build a Rocket will see critically-acclaimed Serena Manteghi back in her role as Yasmin.

Hard-hitting yet inspiring, this funny and heart-warming production, written by Christopher York, challenges our perceptions about young motherhood.

Yasmin is a bright 16-year-old from a small seaside town.

In an instant, her world is turned upside down when she becomes pregnant with her son, Jack.

Suddenly her life isn’t sandcastles, arcades, and donkey rides.

Abandoned by the father of her child and her alcoholic mother, Yasmin faces one of life’s great challenges completely alone.

But the thing that threatens to ruin her life might actually be the thing which saves her.

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