A timely twist on an old favourite


Cinderella at Greenwich Theatre is proving to be an astronomical success, glittering with an array of star performances.

Packed with energy and talent, this panto is definitely a winner with both children and adults. It certainly was last Friday night, with a packed audience cheering, laughing and singing with the cast throughout the performance.

Laced with local references to Greenwich’s link with both astronomy and time, it’s also a great reminder and depiction of the Royal Borough, which is both diverse and overflowing with such talent.

And for this tribute must be paid to writer Andrew Pollard, who was writing the panto for the 12th season for the theatre – he certainly manages to catch the essence of Greenwich. Cinderella’s father is Baron Edmond Halley, who lives in Greenwich,  home to the famous Observatory.

He is brilliantly played by Paul Critoph, there’s definitely a touch of Stephen Fry about the characterisation. The baron’s ill-treated daughter, who is played by the magnificent Louise Young, is seen collecting wood in Greenwich Park in the opening scenes. She manages to carry the role without gushing sentimentality as she overcomes her tribulations. Ms Young also has an excellent voice.

And as for the Ugly Sisters Kylie and Miley, surely they must be called the Funny Sisters. They were hilarious. Almost too hilarious. They were not only a spectacle to behold in their fantastic  costumes but the delivery of their lines packed with quips and camp innuendos had the audience rolling with laughter in their seats – and at times other members of the cast, too.

Hats off to Anthony Spargo and Lizzy Dive, who played the roles. Definitely one of the best pantos I’ve seen for a while – the singing and dancing and general perfomances were of top quality. And  of course, it was so heart-warming to see this wonderful  old theatre buzzing with fun and excitement. Don’t miss it.

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