A drama about how to cope with power imbalances in relationships at Clapham’s Bread & Roses next week

Conversations with Ed by Meg Pickup, from Tuesday at the Bread & Roses in Clapham, explores every kind of relationship – with food, love and yourself – and how to handle jealousy, control and power.
Nature lover, Ellie and lifestyle guru, Ed have been friends for a long time. When Ellie meets down-to-earth Zahara, things change. Mercury is well and truly in retrograde as Ellie battles through the clusterfuck that is life in Meg Pickup’s debut play, directed by Evangeline Osbon.

Co-producing company Exactly Different Theatre is a new company set up on the back of a sell-out scratch at Theatre N16.
Pickup began writing and performing spoken word poetry, and had her work selected to be part of the MA Acting final performance at Arts Educational Schools London. Meg’s previous acting credits include Casualty (BBC), Orphans (Dennis Kelly), The Secret Rapture (David Hare) and Romeo & Juliet.

Exactly Different Theatre is her first theatre company. She is committed to creating female-led work, that destigmatises mental health, and presents the nuances and complexities of the human condition.

Co-producing company Mind Out Theatre have received four-star reviews for previous show Flora London’s ‘The Ladies Loo Chronicles’, a play that tackles feminism and also for ‘Think’, a mental health awareness dark comedy. ‘

Mind Out Theatre have performed at Theatre 503, Tristan Bates, Theatre N16, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and 2018 (Paradise Green and theSpaceUK) and FemFringe 2018.

Osbon was awarded the Sir Alec Guinness Award 2017 for her wish to create ‘theatre for change’.

Dramaturg Dewi Sarginson, who has worked with Mind Out Theatre before, has acting credits in Call the Midwife, The Princess Switch and The Guildford Shakespeare Company.

Mind Out Theatre and Exactly Different Theatre share a want to use theatre for change and are particularly excited to create theatre with, by and for women.

Tickets https://lineupnow.com/event/conversations-with-ed

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