Thursday, August 24, 2017
Cat killer believed to have claimed more victims after five pets found...

Cat killer believed to have claimed more victims after five pets found butchered


The Croydon Cat Killer is feared to have claimed several more victims after five pets were found butchered in just seven days.

The infamous killer is suspected of ramping up their spree, after five more mutilated cats were found without their tails or legs.

Dozens of cats bear the hallmarks of the cat murderer who is suspected to have killed upwards of 100 cats, mostly in the south London area.

Cat charity SNARL say the killings have “induced panic” among pet owners terrified that the anonymous killer will claim their loved one.

Co-founder Bouddica Rising said: “We are confident that he is using something to hit them over the head with before taking the tails.

“Over the last week we have definitely had more but it is difficult to tell whether he’s killing more or we’re just finding more.

“He targets all the cats, but particularly the pretty ones he doesn’t have an exact type but it’s obviously the pretty ones.

“I think people are either panicking or they are hoping that it won’t happen to their cat.

“We don’t want people to panic, but just to keep their cats indoors until we catch the b*****d.

“Panicking doesn’t help anyone.”

The Metropolitan Police investigating the killings are hunting a single man since setting up Operation Takahe last December.

Cats have been found as far as Nottingham, Sheffield and Maidenhead as well as Wallington and Westerham since Sunday 16 October.

Boudicca and co-founder Tony Jenkins also took more calls from another anonymous cat owner in south London who claimed the killer had struck again, on Monday morning.

Mark Knapman, whose parents’ cat Tom was killed near their home in Westerham, Kent, said the “sick and twisted” killer needs to be taken off the streets.

Mark said: “My parents have just found their beloved pet cat Tom dead in a garden in Westerham.

“Tom had been stabbed or struck with a sharp object and also had his tail cut off.
“He is currently at a local vet having a post-mortem and the incident has been reported to the police.

“If you saw anything or anyone acting suspicious in Westerham on the evening of Thursday 20 October please message me or contact the police.

“Tom was possibly another victim of the sick and twisted individual known as the M25 or Croydon Cat Killer.

“It’s important that this person is stopped so please keep your eyes open and your pets safe.”

Victims have also been found on the Isle of Wight, Brighton, East Sussex, Maidstone, Kent as well as Surrey and Berkshire.

Bouddica added: “While we realise that this had induced a fair amount of panic, we have been saying all along that the killer is able to strike across a wide area and currently no cat is safe if left outdoors at night.

“There are also suggestions that others were found in Bromley over the weekend and we’ve had calls of another attack in south London.

“We ask for time and patience whilst we investigate these attacks.”

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Cat killer believed to have claimed more victims after five pets found...